Features of the shell scheme stand mq.9 (3x3)


  • nota
    every exhibitor who means to realize panels or poster promozionali to measure advises itself to consider the effective width of the stands of cm 290

    1. Carpet
    2. Reception area cm 100x50xh100
    3. Table and 3 chairs
    4. Litter bin
    5. Front divide with exhibitors name
    6. n.2 100 watt lights
    7. electrical socket
    8. coat hanger
    9. dividers (h250 cm) alluminium
    10. laminated panels (h250 cm) with support structure in anodized aluminum
    Disposizioni per le operazioni di allestimento e smontaggio
    Assembly (Art. 10-11 of the regulations)
    Taking apart (Art. 13 of the regulations)
    It is obligatory to countersign REGULATIONS



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